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New / Update Articles:
The SWLing Post:
There is a very comprehensive and interesting article titled: "Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?" that can be found on the "The SWLing Post" blog.
I can recommend this article to every shortwave listener.
One of the conclusions of this article:
  • Shortwave radio cannot be easily monitored by a government. In North Korea, for example, this is why shortwave radio remains a vital lifeline of information about the outside world. Censorship of shortwave radio is comparatively unsuccessful, while the Internet is often subject to total blocking.
  • Shortwave radio is the ultimate free speech medium, as it has no regard for national borders, nor for whom is in power (or not in power) at any moment.
  • Shortwave radio is inexpensive to the listener, because:
    Radios are affordable and plentiful;
    No apps are required, and
    No subscription fees are needed.
  • Information races over shortwaves at the speed of light. No buffering is needed, and there is no speed difference between one area to another.
  • Shortwave radio works everywhere on the planet. You don’t have to be within a local broadcast footprint or that of a satellite to receive broadcasts. Even in the most impoverished parts of the world, you’ll find shortwave radios and batteries that run them. Their “market penetration” surpasses even that of the smart phone.
  • Shortwave radio is a basic, simple technology, requiring little to no learning curve for use.
Source: Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?

Read the complete article: Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?
and see also: The SWLing Post .

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SW Broadcasters:
There are two Short Wave radio stations that I found, one of which is new.
The other radio station broadcast some time on shortwave, but was unknown to me.

Brand new is Global 24 Radio on 9395 KHz AM.
This radio station started to broadcast on October 31 2014 at 00.00 UTC, transmitting 24/7 from Florida USA. Their Website: Global24Radio

Optimal Periods of Reception:
  • North America – 24 Hours a Day
  • Europe – 1900 UTC to 0800 UTC (receive best vertical antenna)
  • Middle East – 1800 UTC to 0500 UTC
  • South America – 2100 UTC to 1000 UTC
  • Africa – 2100 UTC to 0500 UTC
  • Oceania – 0700 UTC to 1100 UTC
  • Far East – 2100 UTC to 0200 UTC
  • India – 1200 UTC to 1600 UTC

Global 24 Radio is using WRMI’s 100 KW transmitters.
WRMI is the largest, privately owned shortwave broadcaster in the western hemisphere.

EUNN stands for: EU News Network.
EU News Network on radio and satellite to the USA, Latin America, Europe and Middle East.

I asked EUNN the best frequency and time to listen EUNN in Europe.
Their answer: Probably 18:45 - 19:00 UTC Saturday on 5925 from Bulgaria

Their News Review program is transmitted to the United States, South America, Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East on the following wavelengths:

Source: EUNN - All frequencys in KHz - Updated: 26/10/2014)

From: To: Days: Frequency (KHz):
23:00 23:15 Mon 11580
10:15 10:30 Tues 5850
23:00 23:15 Tues 11580
13:00 13:15 Wed 9955
21:00 21:15 Wed 15770 +7570
01:45 02:00 Thur 9955
18:45 19:00 Sat 5925
21:15 21:30 Sat 11580
21:15 21:30 Sun 15770 + 7570
01:00 03:00 Fri 9395 - Rendezvous, via Global24
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Update November 6:
Another interesting website is freqspotter from KG6YPI, Brandon Hansen.

Short-Wave Info:
Do you have a broadcasting radio station heard at a certain frequency?
And you want to know what radio station that is?
Then this is the website for you!
Specify the frequency and time of the radio broadcast, and Short-Wave gives you the requested information.

Go to: Short-Wave Info

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Ham Radio equipment news:
News about new radios and associated equipment such as antenna tuners, microphones etc of all brands but mainly of Chinese radios.
In particular the brands Wouxun, Baofeng, TYT and Anytone, who have recently released brand new radios.

U P D A T E S:
  • November 1: For users of the 4 meter band some interesting news.
    Wouxun and TYT will be offering a version of their quadbander mobile radios which will include 70MHz or 4 meter band. More info on: AmateurRadio.com and Martin Lynch & Sons

    Source photo: Hamnieuws

  • October 10: There are a number of new products, but they are mostly variants of existing radios, especially of the Baofeng UV5R.
    New is the dual band Vero Telecom VR-6600PRO and Hans PD0AC writes a comprehensive review on the radio soon.

    Source: The VERO Two Way Radio YouTube channel

  • August 24: Interesting news on the Ham Fair in Tokyo Japan: the Yaesu FT-991.

    Source: Hamnieuws

    It looks like this is going to be the successor of the FT-897D.
    Price and when to buy is not yet known.
    See also this short video of the Tokyo Ham Fair and the new Yaesu line, including the new FT-991.

    Source: JI1ETUjr

  • August 5: There is now a new BFDX DMR radio, the BFDX BF-TD503.
    This radio has a Full Color display, GPS and CTCSS + DCS.
    In addition, this is the first radio that is able to transmit and receive full-duplex between the two time slots!

    Source: portofoonweb.nl
  • March 5: The Brick O'Lore website mentioned a new Wouxun dual-band handheld radio, the KG-UV8D. This radio is full duplex and has cross-band operation, it can transmit on one band and receive on another simultaneously. The Wouxun KG-UV8D is equipped with a color LCD screen.
    The radio is available (www.buytwowayradios.com) for around $140,- mid-April in the United States.

    Source: Brick O'Lore
  • February 19: DMR is booming in the Netherlands, interesting is the CS700 Portable Radio by : Connect Systems Inc. There are a few reviews on the internet,
    but we are waiting on the review by Hans PD0AC.
    Once the CS700 review from Hans is on-line, I will report that here.
    For more info see also on this site: DMR: Connect Systems CS700

    Source Photo: VA3XPR
  • January 20: There is now a Polmar DB-50M YAHOO Group (by: Robert PC5E) active! Do you own a Polmar DB-50m radio, then join the group at: Polmar DB-50M.

  • December 28: The long announced TYT TH-9800 quad-band radio is finally available in the USA. Only 25 units are available at the Kight Radio webshop for 319.95 US-Dollar. Meanwhile, there is a unboxing video of this TYT radio, available on YouTube and created by Martyn Allison from radio-mart.net, a Ham Radio Specialist and importer of two-way radio equipment.

  • December 18: First short review of the GT3 by Mike W9MDB on the Brick O'Lore website: Baofeng GT-3: Review by W9MDB
  • December 14: Unboxing video by Radioddity of the Baofeng GT3:

  • November 26: The Brick O'Lore website report that there is a new Baofeng radio available (Amazone). It would be a Baofeng GT-3 and as Brick mentioned: "latest Baofeng two way radio with human-oriented features" for only $ 63 USD.
    Is that just another UV-5R variant or is there more to it?

    Source Photo: Brick O'Lore
  • November 12: The company K-PO has the Polmar DM-50M radio in sales (see: Polmar DM-50M), this is the company that Hans - PD0AC also has provided with a test sample. I did an u n b o x i n g and will do a review of the Polmar DB-50M (and maybe K-PO) on this web site.
  • November 1: Hans PD0AC wrote October 11th on his blog, that a whole new Polmar dual-band radio comes on the market and that he hoped to test it. It is the Polmar DB-50M 2 m and 70 cm dual-band radio and it appears that it is almost similar to the Powerwerx DB-750X radio. The review appeared in October 20 on his blog.

    Source Photo: PD0AC blog

    Internally it appears to be a much improved (PCB revision number is 8.0) Anytone radio, without the errors that were found in the first versions (revision 3.0 tested by Hans (Review Anytone AT-5888UV). But the Polmar radio looks totally different from the Anytone AT-5888UV, the Polmar radio looks much slicker. In short, Hans was a little surprised about the excellent quality and the good test results of the Polmar radio. Only criticism is the sound quality of the microphone, which is not good, but that's according to Hans soluble.
    Read the review and see the pictures of the spectrum analyzer of the Polmar DB-50M, go to: Review Polmar DB-50M / Powerwerx DB-750X
  • October 29: UPDATE on the Wouxun KG-UV950P by Brick O'Lore. Brick also tested this radio and the results are similar to the test result of Hans PD0AC.
    Read all about it on: Wouxun KG-UV950P: The Results by Brick O'Lore.
  • September 30: First Review on the Wouxun KG-UV950P by Hans PD0AC.
    His conclusion?
    Would I buy one? Yes, assuming that these problems get fixed. The price here in NL is 349 euros, while a Yaesu FT-8900R sets me back 499 euros. That’s a big price gap which makes the Wouxun potentially very attractive.
    Do you want to know about the 'problems' he writes about?
    Checkout his website at: Review Wouxun KG-UV950P
  • September 26: Another video of the working Wouxun KG-UV950P, in the Dutch language but with English subtitles.

    Source: YouTube channel of PD0AC video by: PA3AYW
  • September 24: There were rumors of a new quad band Wouxun radio in April 2013, the KG-UV950P, but now it's no longer a rumor.
    A KG-UV950P radio has arrived at the Dutch radioamateur PA0ETE for extensive testing and then goes to PD0AC for further testing.
    The Wouxun KG-UV950P quad band radio has the following radio bands:
    TX: 11 and 10 meter band, 6 meters, 2 meters and the 70 cm band.
    RX FM: the same as the TX, and further from 65 to 108 MHz, 108 to 180.995 MHz, 320 to 348.995 MHz, 700 to 987.995 MHz and RX AM: 108 to 135.995 MHz.
    The sale price will be about 349 Euro in the Netherlands and the radio goes probably on sale October 1 2013.
    For the latest and more detailed information: The KG-UV950P Has Landed by PD0AC, and Wouxun KG-UV950P: Quad Band Mobile by Brick O'Lore.

    Watch a short Video by PA0ETE (Dutch language) about the Wouxun KG-UV950P.

    Source photo: http://k-po.com
  • August 27: Icom IC-7100 Worldwide Recall. Icom sent out a letter to their customers regarding a worldwide recall of their new flagship, the IC-7100.
    Read all about it on: Ham Radio Blog PD0AC

    Source: universal-radio
  • July 24: News about the new 2 meter / 70 cm band radio from Yaesu, the FTM-400D. Yaesu has announced the pricing on the FTM-400DR, see price and specifications at: Ham Radio Outlet in the USA.

    U P D A T E: For a review go to: Review Yaesu FTM-400DR by PD0AC (Sept. 24 2013).

    Source: the YouTube channel of JQ1YWK
Articles 2013:
January to June 2013: see the Part 1 at the right side of the website.
Januari tot en met juni 2013: zie het Deel 1 aan de rechterkant van de website.

July to December 2013: see the Part 2 at the right side of the website.
Juli tot en december 2013: zie het Deel 2 aan de rechterkant van de website.

Articles 2012:
For the 2012 "Ham Radio equipment news", see the Archive at the right side of the website.
Voor de "Ham Radio apparatuur nieuws" van 2012, zie het Archive aan de rechterkant van de website.
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DKARS Magazine 4
DKARS Magazine 5
Saturday, November 1, the fifth edition of the digital magazine (PDF) contains 57 pages in the Dutch and English language and focuses on amateur radio in the Netherlands, the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch emigrated elsewhere in the world.

This is how you can download the magazine free of charge.
Go to the DKARS website and then Magazine on the menu and download the magazine.

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EEVblog Rand:
By Dave Jones of the EEVblog:
FTDI have released a windows driver update that bricks any product using counterfeit chips.
A classic case of corporate suicide.
Dave breaks down "FTDIgate", and rants about FTDI's official response.

Since radio amateurs also make use of this chip, for example in CAT cables or for programming radios, some amateurs will now have a problem.

Source and more Info:
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SiIent Key: G4ILO
Silent Key:
Unfortunately I have to report that on October 24 2014 Julian G4ILO has died.
From his blog "One Foot in the Grave":
Julian died yesterday on 24 October in the presence of his wife Olga and two Hospice nurses at home at 19-45 peacefully and painlessly. He will be always loved and always remembered.
I wish his wife, family and friends, that you can find strength to cope with the loss...
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Heil Sound
Heil Sound:
Do you know the microphones and headphones of Heil Sound?
Did you know that the man behind the Heil Sound Manufacture, is a very active radio amateur?
His name is Bob Heil and his call sign is K9EID.

Randy K7AGE published a nice video on YouTube about the history of Heil Sound and in the last part of the video Bob Heil himself about radio amateurs and big names in the audio music industry.
The title of this video is: Bob Heil: Pacificon 2014 Keynote Address.
This video can be played full screen and in HD (720px)

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Zastone = Yaesu?
To complete the series of articles about radio clones, two portable radios.
The Yaesu VX-2R and the Zastone ZT-2R:

Yaesu VX-2R (Discontinued)

Zastone ZT-2R

According to Hans PDØAC both radios are exactly the same, except for the markings on the front of the casing, they are missing on the Zastone.
See the website of Hans PDØAC for a review of the Zastone ZT-2R radio.

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Vero = Yaesu?
Do you know this Yaesu radio?

Yes, it's the Yaesu FTM-350AE and this radio is, although no longer in production, still available in some ham stores.

Do you know this radio?

No, it is not a Yaesu radio, it's a Vero radio, the Vero Telecom VR-6600PRO the newest product of the Vero Telecom company.
Is this radio a exact clone of the Yaesu FTM350?
Hans PDØAC is testing a VR-6600PRO and I am very curious about his findings!
As soon as he has written his article about this Vero radio I will place here a link, to his website and his article.

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Alinco = AnyTone?
Alinco or AnyTone:
Alinco has 3 new radios, the DR-138 VHF and DR-438 UHF and the DR-638 dual-band radio.
But it seems that they are, although the front is somewhat different, AnyTone radios.
To that conclusion came Hans PDØAC after reading the specs of these radios.

AnyTone AT-588U

Alinco DR-438

Now Hans knew that I have a AnyTone AT-588U.
Thus Hans asked me to compare the specs and make a photo of the PCB of my AT-588U radio. See for an article on this radio: AnyTone AT-588U by PA2OLD
The only difference in de specs I discovered is the frequency range, see the pictures down here: (Click on the picture for a bigger version.)

AnyTone AT-588U

Alinco DR-438

The other specs are exactly the same.

Inside the AnyTone:
The inside of the AnyTone AT-588U looks like this and the PCB is version UHF V3.8:

Inside the Alinco:
The inside of the Alinco DR-438 looks like this and the PCB is version is also UHF V3.8:

It turns out to be pretty simple, the inside of the two radios are the same, only the front panel are different. So the Alinco is a AnyTone radio.

Update October 26 2014:
For the hardware test of the Alinco you have to go to the website of Hans PDØAC, see his extensive article including spectrum-analyzer photos at: Review Alinco DR-438H (EU version).

Update in Dutch:
Er zijn mensen die ongefundeerde opmerkingen maken over de kwaliteit van beide radio's, alleen al vanwege de merknamen en waar de radio's vandaan komen.
Zo van: "Als het geen Icom, Kenwood of Yaesu is, dan kan het niets wezen".
Hans is nu de Alinco's aan het testen dus laten we wachten op zijn artikel en bevindingen.
Overigens is de AnyTone die ik heb (UHF) prima, gaat absoluut niet over z'n nek als ik in de zelfde band en zelfs vlakbij de ontvangst frequentie van de AnyTone zend met een andere set en een watt of 50, terwijl de AnyTone radio de ingestelde repeater frequentie gewoon blijft ontvangen.
De Alinco die Hans PDØAC test zal niet slechter zijn, de print die er inzit is immers van dezelfde revisie als van de AnyTone!
Ik zou er niet gek van opkijken als Yaesu of Icom en Kenwood ook laten bouwen in het AnyTone land...

Source Photos:
Website PDØAC "The end of Alinco as we know it" and PA2OLD.
This article was written in collaboration with PDØAC.

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This notice is in the Dutch language because this is only intended for the Dutch amateurs and is about the two repeaters PI3UTR and PI2NOS.

Er zijn ontwikkelingen te melden over de landelijke 70 cm repeater PI2NOS.
Op de website Hobbyscoop, zie: 10-10-2014 Een grote sprong voorwaarts in Co-Channeling is het volgende te lezen:
De komende periode zal nu gewerkt worden aan het plannen, bouwen en uitrollen van verschillende extra lokaties. Het eerste plan is op dit moment uitrol in A r n h e m. Hiertoe moet nu een plan gemaakt worden en de exacte opstelplaats onderzocht. De intentie bestaat om voornamelijk richting oost Nederland en rondom Arnhem te stralen waarbij het grensgebied duidelijk als lijn aangehouden zal worden om te voorkomen dat hier de veldsterktes te hoog zullen zijn.
Interessant nieuws, vooral voor Arnhemse amateurs en de omgeving van Arnhem!
Lees het hele verhaal over "Een grote sprong voorwaarts in co-channeling" op de website van PI2NOS: H O B B Y S C O O P.

Een Blog over PI3UTR "Van repeater naar super repeater" is te vinden op deze site.
Het Blog is te lezen via: Blog PI3UTR.
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De AM Ronde
This notice is in the Dutch language because this is only intended for the Dutch amateurs and is about the a radio rally in AM (amplitude modulation) on the 2 meter band.

AM-Ronde 35:
Ronde Nr. 35 start Woensdagavond 3 december 2014 vanaf 21.00 uur (20:00 UCT) op 144.575 MHz in Amplitude Modulatie.
De AM-Ronde is eens per twee weken en altijd op een woensdagavond.

De rondeleider zal gebruikmaken van de Arnhemse club call PI4ANH.
De AM-Ronde is Live te bekijken en te beluisteren, zie het uitzendschema rechts op deze website.

Opnieuw belangstelling voor de AM-Ronde door HamNieuws, hartelijk dank daarvoor!

30ste AM-Ronde Hamnieuws bericht 22-09-14.

Belangstelling door Hamnieuws met een Twitter bericht 19-02-14.

Op 3 april 2013 is in de regio Arnhem de AM-Ronde (amplitude modulatie) in de 2 meter band opgestart.
Heeft u interesse in deze AM ronde, schrijf dan een email naar: log.pi4anh@gmail.com en we laten u weten wanneer de volgende AM-Ronde gaat starten.

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DMR Repeater Arnhem
This notice is in the Dutch language because this is only intended for the Dutch amateurs and is about the DMR repeaters.
My home town now has a DMR repeater with the call PI1ANH.
The repeater is a Sepura SBR-8040, the antenna height is 45 meters above sea level.

  • 27 juni: Hoewel op een tijdelijke locatie, is in de repeater in de omgeving van Arnhem goed te werken. Er word nu getest en de mogelijkheden van de Sepura repeater uitgeprobeerd. Na de zomer komt de definitieve firmware voor de repeater beschikbaar. PA2OLD luistert regelmatig uit en de repeater is ook via de website van PD2EDY te beluisteren.
  • 22 juni: Hamnieuws maakt nu ook melding van de Arnhemse DMR repeater,
    zie hiervoor: Hamnieuws
  • 21 juni: De ATOF is afgegeven en de frequentie van PI1ANH is vrijdag 20 juni bekend gemaakt en het is:
    ingang: 430.4625 MHz en uitgang: 438.0625 MHz
    Color Code : 1
    SLOT 1 : DATA Experimenten
    SLOT 2 : 9,204
    Antenne hoogte +/- 45 NAP
    Momenteel draait de repeater “stand-alone” als test. De repeater staat nog op de tijdelijke locatie met een experimentele opstelling!
  • 14 juni: De heren zijn de repeater hardware, in dit geval een Sepura SBR-8040, aan het testen. Het filter is afgeregeld en men is nu alle opties en instellingen aan het bekijken. Helaas is de in- en uitgangsfrequentie nog niet bekend gemaakt maar wel dat Slot 1 voor dataverkeer is en Slot 2 voor spraak.
    Voorlopig zal de repeater niet worden gekoppeld aan het landelijke DMR netwerk.

    Bron foto: www.dmr-arnhem.nl
  • 15 mei: De S T T A heeft inmiddels de roepletters P I 4 T T A door het Agentschap Telecom toegewezen gekregen.
    Verder is er een DMR ATOF aangevraagd (PI1ANH) bij het AT en die heeft de stichting laten weten dat de aanvraag is ontvangen en dat de verwerking daarvan 8 weken kan duren, dus begin Juli weten we hopelijk meer.
  • 1 mei: Zie ook: hamnieuws dmr-repeaters (01-05-14)
DMR repeater:
Tijdens een lezing over DMR op vrijdag 18 april werd bekend gemaakt dat een groep amateurs bezig is met de voorbereidingen voor een DMR repeater in de regio Arnhem.
Er is daarvoor een stichting met de naam 'Stichting Telecom Techniek Arnhem' afgekort met STTA opgericht.

Er zijn inmiddels 2 websites en een Facebook pagina.
Zie hiervoor: DMR Arnhem en: PI1ANH
De Facebook pagina: Dmr-arnhem

Nieuwe ontwikkelingen melden we zo spoedig mogelijk,
zie hiervoor Updates, bovenaan dit artikel.

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Review DMR radio
User review:
I have finished the review of the BFDX BF-TD501 DMR radio.
My review is about the radio in daily use.
For a technical review you have to wait until Hans PDØAC is ready with his review on his blog.
Read all about it on this page: DMR: BFDX Model: BF-TD501

March 14 - I added an audio-recording of the digital (DMR) sound to the review.
Now you can hear the digital sound of the BF-TD501 radio.


Thanks Brick ! Brick O'Lore website

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New in forums :
Live Stream:

Live Stream from the shack PA2OLD

  • Donderdag 20 november: PI4ANH 21.00 uur tot ± 22.00 uur.
  • Zondag 23 november: Gelderse (Doetinchemse) Koffieronde No. 1432 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur
  • Donderdag 27 november: PI4ANH 21.00 uur tot ± 22.00 uur.
  • Zondag 30 november: Gelderse (Doetinchemse) Koffieronde No.1433 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur
  • Woensdag 3 december: De 35ste AM-Ronde regio Arnhem 21.00 uur tot 22.00 uur. Meld u aan voor de nieuwsbrief.
  • Donderdag 4 december: PI4ANH 21.00 uur tot ± 22.00 uur.
  • Zondag 7 december: Gelderse (Doetinchemse) Koffieronde No.1434 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur
  • Donderdag 11 december: PI4ANH 21.00 uur tot ± 22.00 uur.
  • Zondag 14 december: Gelderse (Doetinchemse) Koffieronde No.1435 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur
  • Woensdag 17 december: De 36ste AM-Ronde regio Arnhem 21.00 uur tot 22.00 uur. Meld u aan voor de nieuwsbrief.
  • Donderdag 18 december: PI4ANH 21.00 uur tot ± 22.00 uur.
  • Zondag 21 december: Gelderse (Doetinchemse) Koffieronde No.1436 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur

  • Donderdag 25 december: Is er géén wekelijkse PI4ANH ronde i.v.m. Kerstmis.

  • Zondag 28 december: Gelderse (Doetinchemse) Koffieronde No.1437 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur

  • Woensdag 31 december: Is er géén AM-Ronde regio Arnhem i.v.m. oudejaarsavond.
  • Donderdag 1 januari: Is er géén wekelijkse PI4ANH ronde i.v.m. Nieuwjaarsdag.

  • Zondag 4 januari: Gelderse (Doetinchemse) Koffieronde No.1438 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur
(Alle uitzending onder voorbehoud.)

Heeft u last van reclame tijdens de Live Stream?
Installeer dan Adblock Plus, een Add-on voor Firefox maar ook verkrijgbaar voor de internet Explorer, Chrome en Opera browsers.
Na de installatie is de reclame verdwenen en dat niet alleen in de Live Stream maar ook op andere web-pagina's.
Live Audio Streams Hamradio

PA2OLD Broadcast:
Please bear in mind that the Audio-Stream is not always present.
I usually broadcast between 16:00 and 22:30 UTC (18:00 and 24:30 hour local time).

Currently there are listeners.

The Audio-Stream will start automatically, as soon as the website is loaded.
To switch-off de Audio hit the STOP button.

The Audio is broadcast on two channels, Left and Right.
The Left channel can be different from the Right channel, or both channels are the same.
Use the Balance-control on your Sound Card to choose left, right or both channels.

What do I broadcast:
Mostly Dutch radioamateur conversations on simplex frequencies and Repeaters, as well as HAM radio stations on the HF bands in the English, German and Dutch language.

Audio page:
You can also listen on a special page to the Broadcastify web-player: Broadcastify Player supplemented with additional information.

Shorties FM live
Shorties FM live by PAØETE is a non-commercial 24/7 talk-radio-style stream with a selection of podcasts most in English, partly in Dutch and few in German on the topics of ham radio, DX and some IT, ham-related or not.
Twice a day (21:00 UTC and 09:30 UTC, DST+1) it has a half hour long morse code practice, preparing for taking part in real QSO's (again). Programming changes on a daily basis.

To start Shorties FM 24/7 radio, press the Play button on player below.

Audio-Stream by courtesy of PAØETE.
Informatie over de AM-Ronde en Amplitude Modulatie projecten.
  • 1 AM-Ronde
    Een radio ronde in AM (amplitude modulatie) - 6 april 2013
  • 2 AM-Ronde
    Spectrumanalyzer screenshots van AM-Ronde deelnemers - 30 oktober 2013
  • 3 AM-Ronde
    AM carrier FT897 / FT857 instellen - 6 november 2013
  • 4 AM-Ronde
    Experimentele AM zender door PA1RIK - 7 november 2013
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    Ham TV show
  • AmateurLogic TV
    Radio amateur TV show
  • TX Factor 6
    TX Factor is a brand new series of high definition TV shows covering all aspects of the hobby which is amateur radio
INTERFERENCE ANTENNAS D M R Polmar DB-50M / Powerwerx DB-750X AT-588U or V and AT-588UV BAOFENG
  • Baofeng UV-B5 LCD back-lighting
    Instructions on how to use Baofeng UV-B5 flash-light switch for LCD background light. (November 4 2013)
  • Baofeng UV-B5
    Reviews, Remarks and Unpacking. Special thanks to PD0AC. (Photos by PA2OLD)
    (January 24 2013)
  • NEW: Baofeng UV-B5
    New tested Dual Band Two-way Radio
    (December 18 2012)
  • Baofeng BF-V85
    Dual Band Two-way Radio (August 2012)
  • Baofeng UV-5RE
    Unboxing the Baofeng UV-5RE
  • Info Baofeng UV-5R
    Baofeng UV-5R: Info, Mods, Problems, Software, ect.
    U P D A T E :
    5. January 29: Difference between UV-5R Models
    4. January 16: Software UV_5R_VIP_BFB291
    3. January 9: Very interesting website about the Baofeng UV-5R from John de K3NXU
    2. January 5: 2013 UV5R modulation improvement mod
    1. May 2012: Tests for Common Problems
  • The Baofeng UV-5R
    Baofeng UV-5R for sale
  • Baofeng UV-3R (Mark II)
    Info websites about this small handheld transceiver
    U P D A T E S :
    1. January 22 2012: Unpacking, Software link
    2. February 4 2012: Baofeng Antenna test results
    3. February 9 2012: Youtube video Baofeng UV-3R+Plus from the 409shop
    4. February 19 2012: Rumours about the Baofeng UV-5R
  • Problem for the major brands?
    The 'Baofeng' effect
  • New 4/6 meter SSB Tranceiver
    Noble Radio NR-6N4 - 4 and 6 meter band radio
  • The 4 meter band in the Netherlands
    Available for all Full Class Dutch radio amateurs
    U P D A T E S :
    1. February 7 2012 YouTube videos and info about the new 70 MHz Radios
    2. Februari 8 2012 More Hyperlinks and Info
    3. Februari 9 2012 Motorola GM350 Manuals
    4. Februari 10 2012 Homemade 70 MHz Antennas
    5. Februari 16 2012 Difference between J-Pole Calulators
  • HB9CV by PA1RIK
    Fine 1 Watt QRP connection to Slovenia on the 4 meter band

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Ik bestelde een 3 meter aluminium buis met een doorsnede van 42,4 mm en betaalde online.
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