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De AM Ronde
This notice is in the Dutch language because this is only intended for the Dutch amateurs and is about the a radio rally in AM (amplitude modulation) on the 2 meter band.

AM-Ronde 54:
Ronde Nr. 54 start woensdagavond 2 december 2015 vanaf 21.00 uur (20:00 UCT)
op 144.575 MHz in Amplitude Modulatie.
De AM-Ronde is er meestal eens per twee weken en altijd op een woensdagavond.

De AM-Ronde van 30 december en van 6 januari 2016 komen te vervallen!
De eerste AM-Ronde in 2016 is dan op woensdagavond 13 januari.

Na de 40ste ronde is de duur van de ronde ingekort naar een half uur (21:00 tot 21:30 uur).
Zijn er voldoende inmelders of is er een interessant onderwerp, dan kan de ronde uitlopen
tot 22:00 uur.

De rondeleider zal gebruikmaken van de Arnhemse club call PI4ANH.
De AM-Ronde is Live te bekijken en te beluisteren, zie het uitzendschema rechts op deze website.

Op 3 april 2013 is in de regio Arnhem de AM-Ronde (amplitude modulatie) in de 2 meter band opgestart.
Heeft u interesse in deze AM ronde, schrijf dan een email naar: log.pi4anh@gmail.com en we laten u weten wanneer de volgende AM-Ronde gaat starten.

Poster: PA2OLD
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Ham Radio equipment news:
News about new radios and associated equipment such as antenna tuners, microphones etc of all brands but mainly of Chinese radios.
In particular the brands Wouxun, Baofeng, TYT and Anytone ect, who have recently released brand new radios.

U P D A T E S:
  • October 23: You think that BaoaFeng radio's are toys?
    Then see what this Ham did with a UV-5R radio...

    Source: YouTube channel of Under the Big Oak

  • June 12: Unboxing the Connect Systems CS800 Mobile DMR Radio by: Ham Radio 2.0 - LIVE from the Hamshack.

    Source: Ham Radio 2.0 - LIVE from the Hamshack

  • May 14: Quietly, without much fanfare, BaoFeng (the marketing name for PoFung Technologies) has purchased the remaining assets from the holding administrator representing Tokyo High Power Labs.
    Read the whole article at: QRZnow.com

  • February 13: In October 2014 I mentioned the arrival of the new dualband Vero Telecom VR 6600PRO and that Hans PD0AC would write a review about this radio.
    Yesterday, February 12 2015 Hans has received the radio from the factory,
    so it will not be long before he is ready with its findings.

    Source photo: VERO Walkie talkie

  • February 11: For fans of SDR radio: CloudSDR!
    The CloudSDR is a stand-alone, high performance 9 kHz - 1200 MHz SDR with a built-in internet server. The radio performs the tuning and demodulation of signals and transmits the demodulated information back to a PC or Android client over the internet.

    Source photo: RFSPACE

  • January 25: In December 2014 Icom announced the arrival of its new flagship,
    the IC-7851 HF/50MHz transceiver.
    Prices in the Netherlands are not yet known, but considering the prices in Dollars and British Pounds (around 10,000), it will be no different in Euros.

    Source photo: RadioCronache

  • January 21: New handheld, the 7 band Wouxun KG-UV9D or is this a Hoax?
    Probably not, this was posted December 10 2014 on the Wouxun site:
    PMRExpo Cologne, Germany 2014 was hold on 25-27th Nov.
    At this PMRExpo, Wouxun bring the latest product, KG-UV9D.
    This is the super large color screen dual band radio.
    The excellent communication Performance, impressed many customer there. The coming KG-UV9D will lead a new trends on Wireless communication area!

    Source photo: Delboy's Radio Blog

  • December 16: Yaesu has announced a new portable radio, the Yaesu FT-2DR,
    a dual-band radio with a large touch sensitive LCD screen. It is equipped with Yaesu's digital Fusion System and GPS.
    More info on the Yaesu website at: Yaesu FT-2DR.
    For all we know now is the price of this radio (provisional) 640 USD.
    Who is now interested in such an expensive portable radio?

    Source photo: Yaesu FT-2DR

  • December 15: New is the SainSonic RST599 136-174 / 400-520MHz UHF / VHF 2m / 70cm dual band handheld radio, now available on ebay for € 59.99 (Euro). This radio will be tested in the coming days by Hans PDØAC.
    See his introduction article at: SainSonic RST599

    Source photo: eBay

  • December 14: Update on the GT3: Hans PDØAC has tested the new GT3 Mark 2 handheld from Baofeng. The GT3 Mark 2 has, including a number of improvements, a better antenna that works well according to Hans.
    See his full report on his blog at: Review Baofeng GT-3 Mark II

  • December 8: Rebranded AnyTone radios: Again I found a rebranded Anytone AT-588, this time a TYT with the model number TH-9000D, available in the TH-9000DV VHF version and the TH 9000DU UHF version.
    More info at: T Y T or the 409 Shop.

    Source photo: T Y T

  • November 28: Now I was not actually going to pay attention to the Baofeng UV-5 series, because new versions come out regularly, even under other brand names. But I'm going to make an exception for the new Baofeng UV-5X.
    This UV 5X looks different than the UV-5 series and according to Baofeng, is upgraded with a better front end, squelch level, and better RX / TX audio. Furthermore, the UV 5X is according to Baofeng waterproof and dustproof, so outside use even in the rain seems to be no problem. The question is which antenna is supplied with this radio. If that's the standard UV-5 antenna, then that's not a good idea considering the low quality of this antenna.

    The Baofeng UV-5 serie: UV-5R, UV-5RA, UV-5RA-PLUS, UV-5RB, UV-5RC, UV-5RD, UV-5RE, UV-5RE PLUS, UV-5RG, UV-5RQ, UV-5RT, UV-5RU, UV-5S and now new the UV-5X.

    Source photo: Brick O'Lore See for more info also: Ham Radio Blog PD0AC

  • November 28: Rebranded AnyTone radios: Pofung (Baofeng) BF-9500U (video) UHF Mobile, which seems to be a rebranded Anytone AT-588U.

    Source photo: Brick O'Lore

  • November 27: It seems that there is now a Baofeng website in the Netherlands.
    To what extent this is also an official website, so with permission of Baofeng, is not clear to me. This is because there is a second website listed on the Dutch Baofeng website called HAMRadioshack and it has the same mailing address as the Dutch Baofeng website.

    Source photo: Baofengradio.nl

  • November 1: For users of the 4 meter band some interesting news.
    Wouxun and TYT will be offering a version of their quadbander mobile radios which will include 70MHz or 4 meter band. More info on: AmateurRadio.com and Martin Lynch & Sons

    Source photo: Hamnieuws

  • October 10: There are a number of new products, but they are mostly variants of existing radios, especially of the Baofeng UV5R.
    New is the dual band Vero Telecom VR-6600PRO and Hans PD0AC writes a comprehensive review on the radio soon.

    Source: The VERO Two Way Radio YouTube channel

Articles 2014:
January to August 2014: see the Part 1 at the right side of the website.
Januari tot en met augustus 2014: zie het Deel 1 aan de rechterkant van de website.

Articles 2013:
January to June 2013: see the Part 1 at the right side of the website.
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July to December 2013: see the Part 2 at the right side of the website.
Juli tot en december 2013: zie het Deel 2 aan de rechterkant van de website.

Articles 2012:
For the 2012 "Ham Radio equipment news", see the Archive at the right side of the website.
Voor de "Ham Radio apparatuur nieuws" van 2012, zie het Archive aan de rechterkant van de website.
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This notice is in the Dutch language because this is only intended for the Dutch amateurs and is about a local repeater on the 70 cm band.

Vandaag 5 oktober bleek dat de lokale Arnhemse 70 cm repeater PI2ANH op 430.050 MHz niet meer te werken.
Na een twitter bericht naar PI3NYM (de beheerder?) kwam het twitter bericht dat ANH QRT is.
Zie het twitter bericht:

De enige reden die ik kan bedenken is dat het te maken heeft met de locatie waar de repeater stond. Dat was in Nijmegen terwijl de repeater eigenlijk in Arnhem hoort en de vergunning door het AT waarschijnlijk voor Arnhem is afgegeven.

Jammer is het wel, er is nu geen lokale 70 cm repeater meer in de regio...

20 Oktober: Zojuist was er een nieuw Twitter bericht te lezen van PI3NYM betreffende de Arnhemse repeater PI2ANH.

Verder is er een artikel te kezen op Hamnieuws.nl met commentaar van verschillende amateurs, inclusief de beheerder van PI2ANH.
Komt daarmee de Arnhemse 70 cm repeater t.z.t. nog terug?
Afwachten maar...

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DKARS Magazine
DKARS Magazine 17
Saturday, October 31 2015 (with reservation), the seventeenth edition of the digital magazine (PDF) wich contains more then 40 pages in the Dutch and English language and focuses on amateur radio in the Netherlands, the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch emigrated elsewhere in the world.

This is how you can download the magazine free of charge.
Go to the DKARS website and then Magazine on the menu and download the magazine.

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Joseph Newman, Johnny Carson, Dan Rather, NASA Scientists, Professors, and Ernest Handcock talk about the NewmanMotor.
What do you think, does it work?

Source: YouTube channel: The Media Revolution Info from: PD4ROB
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FT897 Noise Blanker
Noise Blanker:
The noise blanker of my Yaesu FT-897 works reasonably well.
Until recently, I did not suffer from rattling noises and other interferences, for example from a switching power supply or PLC (BPL), unfortunately that's different now.
The problem occurs mostly in the 40 meter band, but thanks to the noise blanker I can still work on the 40 meter band.

Source: PA2OLD
Poster: PA2OLD
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Bill Pasternak SK
Bill Pasternak SK:
Bill Pasternak WA6ITF of Santa Clarita California, the founder and producer of Amateur Radio Newsline, died June 11 following a period of ill health. He was 73.
More info on: QRZnow.com and: The NW7US Beacon and: ARRL

Source Photo: QRZnow.com
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UPDATE May 18, 2015:

Emergency Radio:
John PAØETE with his program "Daily Minutes" transmit every day in the 49 meter band, the 40 meter band and the 31 meter public broadcasting band.
The name of the station will be: Emergency Radio.

New frequency's and times:
There is talk of three frequencies namely:
6005 KHz, 7310 KHz and 9560 KHz, of course in AM.
  • The daily broadcast will be transmitted simultaneously on two frequencies, namely at 6005 KHz and 7310 KHz. at 19:00 CET (Central European Time) or 17:00 UTC.
  • The next morning the program will be repeated at 10:00 CET or 08:00 UTC on 7310 kHz. only.
  • Then in the afternoon there is a broadcast on 9560 kHz at 14.30 CET or 12:30 UTC.
Please note that at 10:00 CET or 8:00 UTC the conditions for the 41 meter band are not optimal and the band can still be close.
The broadcasts are daily and will temporarily in the English and Dutch language but later only in English.

Receive reports can be sent to: dx at xdv.me

Live Stream:
I will stream the broadcast of Wednesday Evening on this website, live from the HF band using a Kenwood R-5000.

Source, Websites and Info:

PAØETE (December 2014):
John PAØETE provides the Dutch radio amateurs on the repeaters PI3UTR and PI2NOS (and EchoLink for amateurs outside the Dutch borders) with amateur radio news in Dutch, German and the English language
He does this in two broadcasts:
  • PAØØNEWS is a weekly broadcast on Friday from 21:30 to 23:30 UTC on the repeater PI3UTR and EchoLink, with Dutch and international amateur radio news, interviews and other interesting items.
    This broadcast exists now about 2.5 years.

  • The 'Daily Minutes' a news bulletin 5 to 7 minutes long, every night at 18:00 UTC on the repeater PI2NOS and EchoLink.
    The latest news and DX propagation and this broadcast is repeated the following day at 9:30 UTC.
The 49 meter band:
There are now plans for 2015 to transmit the PAØØNEWS and "Daily Minutes" broadcast on a broadcasting frequency in the 49 meter band, so it can be heard all over Europe.
The frequency will probably be 6045 KHz and the transmission power 100 kW!
This new radio station will broadcast a new informative program, especially for amateur radio operators and DXers,
Two-thirds or three-quarters of the program will be in Dutch and the rest in the English language.

For more info see the press release by John PAØETE, a PDF in the Dutch language. There will maybe later an English version of the press release.

More on PAØETE:
  • Shorties FM 24/7 Worldwide International small-scale non-commercial talk-radio.
  • PAØØNEWS a webpage in the Dutch language.
  • Archive Shorties FM podcast's
  • See also on the right side of this website under Live Audio: 'Shorties FM live' and the audio player.
You can E-mail John at: x at xdv.me
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Reminder: PI2ANH
This notice is in the Dutch language because this is only intended for the Dutch amateurs and is about the Dutch repeater PI2ANH on the 70 cm band.

De Arnhemse 70 cm repeater PI2ANH is sinds januari 2015 weer in de lucht, na een lange periode van herstel. PI2ANH heeft een nieuwe frequentie gekregen en ik heb de indruk dat niet iedere amateur dat weet, vandaar even deze herinnering:

PI2ANH - 430.050 MHz - geen CTCSS

De PI2ANH werkt uitstekend en heeft een goed bereik.
De repeater staat tijdelijk opgesteld in Nijmegen op dezelfde torenflat als waar PI3NYM
de 2 meter repeater van Nijmegen staat.
Het bereik is echter anders als toen de repeater nog in Arnhem stond, tussen de oude en nieuwe locatie ligt ongeveer 18 kilometer.
Als ik in de shack aanwezig ben (en dat is vrij vaak, behalve als ik opa dienst heb) zal ik op elke aanroep reageren, ik luister uit met een AnyTone 70 cm radio uit op de repeater.

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Y a e s u  FT-991:
The expected user review of the newly released Yaesu FT-991, the long-awaited replacement of the successful but now old Yaesu FT-897D, is finally ready !
The review is written by the esteemed guest editor Wilco PA1WBU.
Wilko will compare the Yaesu FT-991 with the Yaesu FT-897D and the Kenwood TS-50.
Read all about it on this website, at: Yaesu FT-991 User Review

Poster: PA2OLD
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Silent Key:
Helaas moet ik u melden dat de Voorzitter van de afdeling Arnhem van de Veron,
Frans PA3BPT zondag 5 april is overleden.
Daarmee is een prettig mens en een zeer kundige technicus en amateur van ons heen gegaan.
Hij was altijd in voor bijzondere projecten die overigens niet altijd iets met de radio hobby te maken hadden, zoals zijn decimale klok.
Zie hiervoor: Decimale klok door PA3BPT.

Persoonlijk zal ik Frans missen om zijn goede raadgevingen, zijn technische verhalen en de aanwezigheid in de lokale radio rondes.

We wensen zijn vrouw, kinderen en kleinkinderen, verdere familie en vrienden heel veel sterkte en kracht toe om dit verlies te kunnen verdragen.
Frans is in besloten familie kring herdacht.

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China vs. Japan
China vs. Japan:
Roger G3XBM wrote a nice article about the development of Chinese radio equipment versus the established Japanese brands.
Up to now, the Japanese "big boys" such as Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu have pretty well dominated the amateur radio market, but the Chinese are on the march. Be in no doubt: within a few years we will see the amateur radio market flooded with quality products made in China with low prices.
Read the whole article on: AmateurRadio.com

Source: AmateurRadio.com
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DARC Radio:
DARC Radio - which has a business association with the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) but is privately owned - will broadcast a new Amateur Radio DX program

100 kW:
According to the DARC, the program will debut on Sunday March 22 at 11:00 CET (10:00 UTC) and will be broadcast from a 100 kW transmitter in Austria, while the repeat broadcast (every Monday) will emanate from Radio DARC’s 10 kW transmitter near Ingolstadt, Germany.
(CET = Central European Time)

Source: the D A R C and the A R R L, website of the Radio Station Channel 292

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In the neighbouring countries of the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany, interesting things are going on.
It has to do with the interference that cause PLC (BPL), on the reception of radio signals.

Great Britain:
Ofcom (the UK equivalent of the American FCC and Dutch AT) proposes that people with "power line" networking equipment could face prosecution if it interferes with radio signals.

Read the very interesting article and the comments on:
You could be prosecuted if your broadband interferes with radio signals

Source: Telegraph Media Group Limited

The German Bundestag helps the amateur radio service.

Also in Germany is something going on about the Power Line Communication (PLC) interference, like in Great Britain.
It basically means that the Bundestag wants, that the amateur radio service must operate interference-free, so interferences in the amateur radio bands are not allowed.

I have tried to find an English text version of the article which can be found on the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club) website, but I did not found it.
Therefore the original article in German:
Der Deutsche Bundestag steht hinter dem Amateurfunkdienst

Source: German Amateur Radio Club

Since the Dutch amateurs also suffer from these PLCs, I hope the Dutch Ofcom, "Agentschap Telecom" also act against such interferences in the amateur radio bands...

Poster: PA2OLD
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This notice is in the Dutch language because this is only intended for the Dutch amateurs and is about an official investigation into the primary status of the radio amatuers in the 70 cm band..

Onderzoek Agentschhap Telecom:
Volgens PAØØNEWS (PAØETE), in een uitzending van de "Daily Minutes" van dinsdag 23 december, gaat het Agentschap Telecom wel degelijk een onderzoek instellen naar onder andere de primaire status van de radioamateurs in de 70 cm band.
Het onderzoek zou begin 2015 starten en rond de zomer van het jaar klaar zijn.

Dat alles heeft te maken met de storing die zogenaamd door radioamateurs zou worden veroorzaakt bij de secundaire gebruikers.
Dat zijn o.a. afstandsbedieningen voor auto's, garagedeuren, babyfoons, weerstations en natuurlijk de LPD portofoons die in de 70 cm band werken.

Het probleem ligt dan ook niet bij de radioamateurs maar bij de uitermate slechte ontvangers van die apparaten die aan geen enkele eis hoeven te voldoen.
De kwaliteit is soms zo slecht dat bij een beetje vermogen ergens in de 70 cm band zo'n ontvanger plat gaat en het apparaat, bijvoorbeeld een draadloze afstandsbediening voor een garagedeur of auto, dan niet meer werkt.
Dat is naar mijn idee niet de fout van de amateurs, maar van de instantie die deze secundaire gebruikers zonder een goede regelgeving, heeft toegelaten.

Omgekeerde wereld:
In plaats van de gebruikers van die storingsgevoelige apparaten aan te pakken, dreigt nu het tegenovergestelde te gebeuren, allemaal voor het zogenaamde maatschappelijk belang.
Over het maatschappelijk belang van zo'n 13.000 radioamateurs wordt niet gesproken...
Ik vind het dan ook niet gek dat er veel radioamateurs heel boos zijn!

Volgens het AT wordt er aan de huidige (december 2014) SRD-apparatuur helaas geen ontvanger-eisen gesteld.
Binnen Europa heeft het Agentschap Telecom gevraagd om ook eisen aan de ontvangers van de SRD's te mogen stellen!>br>Daarom zal in juni 2016 de nieuwe Richtlijn Radio-apparatuur van kracht worden en dan is het wel mogelijk om ontvanger-eisen te stellen aan de apparatuur die in de handel wordt gebracht.
Natuurlijk zal dit niet alle stoorproblemen oplossen of voorkomen maar hopelijk wel de meeste.

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Quad Band Radio
Recent HM9900:
The Dutch "Communicationworld" radio shop has announced a quad band transceiver from the brand "Recent".
It's the "Recent" HM-9900 with the 29, 50, 144 and 430 MHz bands and FM modulation.
Communicationworld shop thinks that the price of this transceiver will be approximately between 255 Euro and 285 Euro.

Source photo: Facebook page of Communicationworld.nl

It seems very likely that this "Recent" HM-9900 is a re-branded TYT TH-9800.
I can not say that for sure of course, but if you look at the photo of the TYT (down here) and compares the inscriptions on the buttons (I did that with larger pictures), the conclusion is obvious.

Source photo: Article on the Blog of PDØAC

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New Audio Mixer
New Audio Mixer:
For streaming the audio channels and audio for UStream, I used a small Behringer mixer, namely the Eurorack UB502.
But with the limited number of channels that this mixer has, it was always a compromise.
So time for a larger mixer with more options, which is now the Behringer XENYX Q1202USB.

With the old mixer I used the line-out of the mixer and the line-in on the computer.
But with the new mixer that's different, I use now a USB-port for audio in and out.
The mixer has 4 mono channels and 4 stereo channels, giving a total of 12 channels.
Each mono channel has an adjustable audio compressor, which is very convenient.

I have plans to split the stereo channel into two mono channels, each channel with a separate media player, so you can choose between two different audio streams.

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Unfortunately the Flagcounter no longer works.
Here a picture of May 2015 when the number stood at 175 countries.

Poster: PA2OLD
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New in forums :
Live Stream:

Live Stream from the shack PA2OLD
(not always present)

  • Zondag 29 november: Doetinchemse Koffieronde No.1495 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur.
  • Woensdag 2 december: De 55ste AM-Ronde regio Arnhem 21.00 uur tot 22.00 uur. Meld u aan voor de nieuwsbrief.
  • Donderdag 3 december: PI4ANH 21.00 uur tot ± 22.00 uur Arnhemse ronde.
  • Zondag 6 december: Doetinchemse Koffieronde No.1496 van 11.00 uur tot 12.00 uur.
  • Donderdag 10 december: PI4ANH 21.00 uur tot ± 22.00 uur Arnhemse ronde.
(Alle uitzending onder voorbehoud.)

Heeft u last van reclame tijdens de Live Stream?
Installeer dan Adblock Plus, een Add-on voor Firefox maar ook verkrijgbaar voor de internet Explorer, Chrome en Opera browsers.
Na de installatie is de reclame verdwenen en dat niet alleen in de Live Stream maar ook op andere web-pagina's.
Live Audio Streams Hamradio

PA2OLD Broadcast:
Please bear in mind that the Audio-Stream is not always present.

I usually broadcast audio and video such as in the above broadcast schedule and sometimes in the weekend from 19:00 CET to 24:00 CET (CET – Central European Time).
(For UTC time, during wintertime minus 1 hour)

Currently there are listeners.

The audio stream is automatically launched if the stream is active, as soon as the website is loaded.
To stop the Audio-Stream, hit the STOP button.

What do I broadcast:
Mostly Dutch radio-amateur network conversations (see above schedule) on simplex frequencies and Repeaters, as well as HAM radio stations on the HF bands in the English, German and Dutch language.
Alternative Player:
For all (also Tablet) users and if the player doesn't work, use this link:

Streamlink PA2OLD
Press the PLAY button to play.
This link only works if you have a media-
player installed and if the stream is online.

Audio page:
You can also listen on a special page to the Broadcastify web-player: Broadcastify Player supplemented with additional information.

Shorties FM live:
Shorties FM live by PAØETE is a non-commercial 24/7 talk-radio-style stream with a selection of podcasts most in English, partly in Dutch and few in German on the topics of ham radio, DX and some IT, ham-related or not.
Twice a day (21:00 UTC and 09:30 UTC, DST+1) it has a half hour long morse code practice, preparing for taking part in real QSO's (again). Programming changes on a daily basis.

To start Shorties FM 24/7 radio, press the Play button on player below.

There was a brief interruption in service, but now you can listen to Shorties FM again. (March 20 2015)

Alternative Player:
For all (also Tablet) users and if the player doesn't work, use this link:

Streamlink ShortiesFM
Press the PLAY button to play.
This link only works if you have a media player installed and if the stream is online.

Audio-Stream by courtesy of PAØETE.
TV Shows
Interesting Online TV Shows about amateur radio.

Updated: Mai 3 2015
  • Ham Nation
    HAM Nation is the new TWIT show about Ham Radio
  • AmateurLogic.TV
    HAM Nation is the new TWIT show about Ham Radio
  • TX Factor 8
    TX Factor is a British TV shows covering all aspects of amateur radio
Ham College TV
A TV show for those who wants to become a Ham Radio Operator. PI4AA
De Veron verenigingszender met maandelijkse uitzendingen. RSGB News by TX facter
TX Factor now brings you the GB2RS news read by the TX Factor presenters! Der Deutschland-Rundspruch
Wöchentliche Deutschland-Rundspruch der DARC. Space Weather TV
Know when to expect disruptions in amateur radio traffic services based on GPS.
Get your weekly Space Weather forecast from a physicist who works for NASA, NOAA, and other government agencies.
Articles / Events:
= Hot Topic or New Article color

  • Baofeng UV-B5 LCD back-lighting
    Instructions on how to use Baofeng UV-B5 flash-light switch for LCD background light. (November 4 2013)
  • Baofeng UV-B5
    Reviews, Remarks and Unpacking. Special thanks to PD0AC. (Photos by PA2OLD)
    (January 24 2013)
  • NEW: Baofeng UV-B5
    New tested Dual Band Two-way Radio
    (December 18 2012)
  • Baofeng BF-V85
    Dual Band Two-way Radio (August 2012)
  • Baofeng UV-5RE
    Unboxing the Baofeng UV-5RE
  • Info Baofeng UV-5R
    Baofeng UV-5R: Info, Mods, Problems, Software, ect.
    U P D A T E :
    5. January 29: Difference between UV-5R Models
    4. January 16: Software UV_5R_VIP_BFB291
    3. January 9: Very interesting website about the Baofeng UV-5R from John de K3NXU
    2. January 5: 2013 UV5R modulation improvement mod
    1. May 2012: Tests for Common Problems
  • The Baofeng UV-5R
    Baofeng UV-5R for sale
  • Baofeng UV-3R (Mark II)
    Info websites about this small handheld transceiver
    U P D A T E S :
    1. January 22 2012: Unpacking, Software link
    2. February 4 2012: Baofeng Antenna test results
    3. February 9 2012: Youtube video Baofeng UV-3R+Plus from the 409shop
    4. February 19 2012: Rumours about the Baofeng UV-5R
  • Problem for the major brands?
    The 'Baofeng' effect
  • New 4/6 meter SSB Tranceiver
    Noble Radio NR-6N4 - 4 and 6 meter band radio
  • The 4 meter band in the Netherlands
    Available for all Full Class Dutch radio amateurs
    U P D A T E S :
    1. February 7 2012 YouTube videos and info about the new 70 MHz Radios
    2. Februari 8 2012 More Hyperlinks and Info
    3. Februari 9 2012 Motorola GM350 Manuals
    4. Februari 10 2012 Homemade 70 MHz Antennas
    5. Februari 16 2012 Difference between J-Pole Calulators
  • HB9CV by PA1RIK
    Fine 1 Watt QRP connection to Slovenia on the 4 meter band

Explanation Propagation see:
Index-numbers (PDF)
HF Propagation:

Lightning Radar:


Source: www.buienradar.nl
Heavy Weather warning:
S W L - T O O L S:
T O O L S:
Ham Tools and Information
MOST Recommended Links:

Blog of KC5HWB (also Chinese radios)


International Ham news by IW5EDI

PA0ETE.nl is de belangrijkste site met info over de uitzendingen van o.a. PA00NEWS.

Famous for his Antenna and ATU pages.

Co-manage: HAM-DMR.nl.

Dutch DMR website

Unfortunately I have to report that on October 24 2014 Julian G4ILO has died.

Excellent Radio Kits site from Javier Solans EA2GCY, with more high standard kits.


Great SWL website about broadcast stations:
Find out what stations are broadcasting on a frequency in KHz and UTC time.

Another website frequency information

Fantastic SWL website in German / English

Very high self build Rotating Towers!

This website is in the Dutch language

Home of the Polmar DB-50M 70cm/2m radio

This website is in the Dutch language


Very interesting: Foundation for German communication and related technologies.

Also very interesting is the Crypto Museum

Weather Station Arnhem

QRZ.COM Callsign check:
Informatie over de AM-Ronde en Amplitude Modulatie projecten.
  • 1 AM-Ronde
    Een radio ronde in AM (amplitude modulatie) - 6 april 2013
  • 2 AM-Ronde
    Spectrumanalyzer screenshots van AM-Ronde deelnemers - 30 oktober 2013
  • 3 AM-Ronde
    AM carrier FT897 / FT857 instellen - 6 november 2013
  • 4 AM-Ronde
    Experimentele AM zender door PA1RIK - 7 november 2013
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